Last Will and Testament Of Eliza Gunderman Van Blarcom

Added: Dec 02, 2017
From New Jersey, Wills and Probate Records, 1739-1991 for Eliza Van Blarcom:
Sussex County Surrogate's Office. In the matter of the Probate of The Last Will and Testament of Eliza Van Blarcom, Deceased.
Be it remembered that on the twelfth day of January A.D., 1891, the Executors named in the last Will and Testament of Eliza Van Blarcom late of the Township of Sparta in the county of Sussex, deceased, appeared before the Surrogate of the county of Sussex, and made application to have the said Will approved; and on such applica said Surrogate adjudged the said Will to be a valid Will and the proof thereof to be sufficient, which said last Will and Testament, and the proof thereof, are as follows, that is to say:
I, Eliza Van Blarcom of the Township of Sparta in the County of Sussex and the State of New Jersey to hereby make publish and declare this my last will and testament intending hereby to dispose of all the estate both real and personal of whtever kind and whatsoever situate whereof I shall die seized possessed or entitled to.
First; I direct that all my just debts the expenses of administering my estate and funeral expenses including a suitable tombstone shall be paid as soon as conveniently can be after my decease out of my personal estate.
Second; I bequeath the principal sum, secured by a Bond and Mortgage which I hold given to me by my daughter Mary Kays, covering a house and lot, situate in the village of Sparta owned by my said daughter Mary Kays, which sum is one thousand dollars, in six equal shares, one sixth thereof to Peter and Anna Van Blarcom children of my deceased son Garret S Van Blarcom, one sixth part thereof to my daughter Mary Kays, one sixth part thereof to Frederick Van Blarcom and Samuel Van Blarcom children of my son John Van Blarcom, one sixth part thereof to my son George van Blarcom, one sixth part thereof to my son David Van Blarcom, and one sixth part thereof to my daughter Martha Rosenkrans wife of Martin Rosenkrans.
Third; I give and devise to my said daughter Mary Kays, to my said daughter Martha Rosenkrans and my said sons George and David Van Blarcom, all that farm which I now own and which was conveyed to me by deed dated on or about January thirty first Eighteen Hundred and Seventy Nine and recorded in the Sussex County Clerks Office in Book C7 of Deed page "413 etc" situate in said Township of Sparta, adjoining lands of George Vaughan, Litman and Decker, Goerge O. Wilson, and others, containing one hundred and eighty acres more or less, to have and to hold to them their heirs and assigns forever, with this express condition and proviso, and it is my will and I order and direct that in case any note or notes given by said George and David Van Blarcom accounting to about seven hundred dollars each, to said Garret Van Blarcom deceased, Mary Kays, John Van Blarcom, Samuel Van Blarcom and Martha Rosenkrans then Van Blarcom given to represent their interest in my dower right in the lands whereof my husband Samuel Van Blarcom died seized and payable at after my decease shall be presented to the said George Van Blarcom and David Van Blarcom or either of them, and payment thereof demanded of them or either of them or the legal representatives of them or either of them, then in such case my said farm shall be sold, by my Executors hereinafter named, or the survivor of them and I hereby authorize and empower them and the survivor of them to make sale thereof either at public or private sale and to give a good an sufficient deed in the law to the purchaser thereof, and out of the proceeds of such sale, to pay off and discharge such note or notes whereof payment shall be demanded as aforesaid and that the residue of such proceeds of sale, if any, shall be equally divided share and share alike among the persons to whom i have devised said farm aforsaid.
Fourth; I give and bequeath all the rest and residue of my personal estate to the children of my said son John Van Blarcom, by his wife whose maiden name was Weller and direct that the same shall be turned into money by my executors and invested safely in security, by my said executors or the survivor of them, and kept at interest, and such interest reinvested during the lifetime of the wife of said John Van Blarcom whose name is Emma Van Blarcom and I direct my executors and the survivor of them, that in case, the said wife of said John Van Blarcom from sickness or accident should not be able to support and maintain herself to pay to her so much or all of such interest as shall accumulate on such sum for her maintenance and support as in the judgement of them and the survivor of them she may need and require, and that at her death, sufficient shall be taken of such money as may be necessary to provide her a decent burial including a suitable tombstone, and what shall remain of such sum at her decease, I direct to be equally divided among and paid to such children of my said son John as shall them be living.
Fifth; I hereby appoint my son George Van Blarcom and my son-in-law Martin Rosenkrans executors of this my will.
In witness whereof I have hereto set my hand and seal this twelfth day of March Eighteen Hundred and Eighty Five. Signed published and declared by the testatrix as her last will and testament in our presence and at her request we signed our names hereto as witnesses in her presence and in the presence of each other >>Signed: L. Van Blarcom and David Hetzel