Peter Young Whitehead

Birth: 5 Mar 1915
Death: 12 Sep 1943

Peter was the tenth healthy child born out of 13 children listed by Samuel and Velma. This indicates that Velma had another child in between Gilbert and Peter, though no records have been discovered.
He finished school through the sixth grade and began working full time on the farm with the rest of the family. Peter was also a musician and would play at Hill-Billy Hall with his brother Edgar and sister Carrie every week in the talent show.

Peter was the second son to be killed in an auto accident 8 years after his brother Herbert and only 3 months prior to his brother Gilbert. Peter fell from the rear of a truck and under the wheels in the middle of the night. The driver of the truck was unaware of Peter’s fall and kept on driving. After some investigation it was eventually ruled an accident.
Peter is buried with his parents at Highland Cemetery in Hopewell.