Benjamin Whitehead

Birth: 29 Jan 1906
Death: 8 Jun 1974

Benjamin Brian was born in 1906 with his twin brother Wilbur. The pair made 6 boys in total for the Whitehead family. Benjamin finished school until the eighth grade and lived at the farm in Ringoes at least through 1920.

Benjamin married Mary Rounsaville (1907-1987). Benjamin and Mary had 2 children, Benjamin Jr (1933-2001) and Sarah Joyce (1934 - 2005). The family was living in Milford, NJ as of 1940. It is unclear exactly when Benjamin and Mary separated, though it was some time prior to 1950.
On August 16, 1950, Benjamin married his second wife Rose Mondeau Webb (1909-1993) in Pasquotank, North Carolina. The two lived in Milford, NJ until Benjamin’s death in 1974.

At the age of 22 he took a job at the Riegel Products Corporation, where he would work for 42 years.

Benjamin and his second wife are buried at Riegelsville Union Cemetery.