Madelena Theunis Van Blarcom

Birth: 1639 · Huisen, Gooiland, Noordt, Netherlands
Death: 4 Sep 1711 · Bergen, New Jersey

Madelena was born in Huisen, Gooiland, Noordt, Netherlands about 1639.

On June 7, 1659, she married Jan Lubbertsen Van Blarcom in the New Amsterdam Church. Magdaleentje was only in America a short time before her marriage. Listed as "Magdaleentje Teunis, from Voorhuysen," she sailed from the Netherlands February 12, 1659, aboard de Trouw (The Faith). Her family was from the same area as Jan's father, Lubbert, making it possible that she came to America under arrangement to marry Jan. The two had eleven children born in Bergen; Marritje Jans (bap. 29 Dec 1660), Marritje Jans (bap. 30 Dec 1661), Pieter Janse (bap. 6 May 1665), Johannes Janse (bap. 3 Nov 1667), Divertje Jans (bap. 31 Jan 1670), Cathlyntje Jans (bap. 2 Jun 1672), Cathlyntje Jans (bap. 10 Oct 1675), Lubbert Janse (bap. 12 Mar 1677), Willem Janse (bap. 7 Apr 1679), Gysbert Janse (bap. 21 May 1682), and Hester Jans (bap. 31 May 1685).

Jan or Jans Captain was always known as a Lubbertsen. It wasn't until the marriage of his son Johannes Janse in 1693 that the use of the surname Van Blarcom was recorded. The name wasn't attached to Jan until 1711 when it appeared on his wife's burial record, which stated "Madelena, wife of Jan Lubbertsen Van Blarkom."