Gerrit Lubbertsen Van Blarcom

Birth: 1639 · Fort Orange, New York
Death: Unknown

Gerrit was born in Fort Orange (now Albany, New York) in 1639.1

Gerrit married Gertruyd Willems and had 3 children, all of whom were baptized at Midwout: Cornelia, baptized January 30, 1681; Jacob, baptized March 30, 1683; and Gysbrecht, baptized March 8, 1685.1

Gerrit was said to have purchased a farm from a man named Jan Tuenesse prior to December 14, 1660, in Midwout, just south of his sister Tryntje's family. He, along with his stepfather, was appointed guardian of Tryntje's 3 children when she passed.

In 1666 Gerrit ·was appointed, with his step-father, to act as guardian of his deceased sister Tryntje's three children. In 1687 Gerrit took the Oath of Allegiance as a native.1

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