Thys Lubbertsen Van Blarcom

Birth: 1628 · De Rijp, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Death: Unknown

Born about 1628 in De Rijp, Noord-Holland, Netherlands, Thys was 6 years old when arriving in America.

He married Tryntje Jans "van Amsterdam" on October 10, 1655, at the Reformed Church in New Amsterdam. Collectively, the land records of Kings County lead to the conclusion that she was likely the daughter of Jan Pietersen Van Wooglum.1 Thys was granted small burgher rights or citizenship rights on April 17, 1657, and lived at Midwout, which today is Flatbush, Brooklyn. The family later lived in the Cripplebush area between Brooklyn and Bushwisk and owned land in New Utrect. Thys and Tryntje had 4 children: Peter Tysen, baptized September 1656, who died as an infant; Peter Tysen, baptized December 26, 1657, who married and lived at New Utrect; Elizabeth Tysen, who was born at Midwout and married in 1684; and Annatje Tysen, who was baptized October 4, 1668.1

Thys and his wife were alive on July 30, 1693, when they signed a mortgage, however no subsequent records exist.1

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