Ralph Burnett Ball

Birth: 3 Nov 1903 · Hardyston, Sussex, New Jersey
Death: 5 May 1977 · Mc Afee, Sussex, New Jersey

Ralph Burnett Ball was the first born son of William Henry Ball and Nellie Ray Kimble Ball. His name is an homage to his great grandfather and his great great grandmother's family name of 'Burnett'. Mathias Burnett was a Justice of the Peace in the Revolutionary War effort. Ralph was raised in Hardyston, and later Franklin, New Jersey. Ralph only completed school to the 5th grade.

On January 25, 1930, Ralph married Alice Dorothy Losey, daughter of Jesse Losey and Violetta Hotalen Losey, in Orange, New York.Ralph and Alice had two children; Clara Bernice and Ralph Burnett Jr.

As a young man Ralph joined his father (and probably many other family members) working as a laborer in the Franklin Furnace zinc mines. Later he worked as a blacksmith and owned his own shop.

The family settled in Sussex County, New Jersey, where they worked and lived the rest of their days.

Ralph Burnett Ball died in Mc Afee, Sussex County, New Jersey in 1977. His final burial is not currently available.