Beatrice Armenia Roe Addley

Birth: 7 Jul 1906 · New York
Death: 18 Oct 2002 · Lawrenceburg, Dearborn, Indiana

Beatrice Armenia was born in 1906, daughter of Walter Arlington Roe and Edith Irene Cogswell Roe.

On May 23, 1923, Beatrice married Frank Henry Birkholz, son of Adolph Birkholz and Amelia Zimdahl Birkholz. Beatrice and Frank had one child.

Sometime between the death of her first husband in 1953 and her death in 2002, Beatrice took a second husband by the name of Addley and relocated to Indiana.

Beatrice Armenia Roe died as Beatrice A Addley in Indiana in 2002. According to her death certificate, she died a widow after a week long bout with pneumonia. Beatrice is buried at Greendale Cemetery in Greendale, Dearborn County, Indiana. Her headstone reads "I'm ready to go if you are."