John Ball

Birth: 1700
Death: 16 Jan 1776 · Hanover, Morris, New Jersey

John was the second son born to Caleb and Sarah Thompson Ball.

On December 25, 1760 John married Katherine Winchell. the two had five children; David, Moses, john, Samuel and Daniel.

John left a will on January 16, 1776 - Hanover, Morris County, NJ; Ball, John, of Hanover, Morris Co., yeoman; Son, Samuel, land on east side of road joining Phillip van Courtland, with what he had a deed for on the other side, enough to make 52 acres. Grandson, Ephraim Ball, land on the southeast side of the road, so as to make 40 acres. Grandson, John Ball, land along Rebecca Wheeler's line, and he is to pay to his sister, Jemima Post, and to his cousin, Phebe, the daughter of his uncle, Moses Ball, deceased, wife of Jesse Price. My sons, Samuel and Daniel, are to pay to my granddaughter, Phebe, a piece. Son, Daniel, the rest of my 1st and 2nd purchase. Son, Samuel, 20 shillings. Grandson Ephraim, 10 shillings. Son, David, 5 shillings. Executors -- sons Samuel and Daniel. Witnesses -- Mathew Moores, Ephraim Price, John Cook. Proved April 5, 1777.

John died in Hanover, Morris, NJ on January 16, 1776.